About Us

Dogs have been in my life since childhood, but Collie has been the dream breed ever since. In 2012, thanks to the female from the “Ekwiwalent” kennel, charming tricolour bitch come to live with us. Then we waited almost two years to welcome our second bitch which joined us from the “Marvalan” kennel. Both are the members of our family, they live with us at home, and their every day presence give us a lot of joy and happiness

Aneta Broda
The owner of "Branlico" kennel

About the breed

Collie is a breed with many faces, perfectly adapting to the owner. It’s a very intelligent, sensitive and active dog. If the owner has the ambition to try dog sports and activities (agility, dog Frisbee, obedience, dog trekking) – collie will be the perfect companion.If your dog is to be only your companion , when you give him a lot of attention will find himself in this role, his happiness is you.

Collie is a very sociable dog, left alone, even in the biggest garden, fall into apathy …However if you are looking for a dog to be a guardian dog or you will not be able to devote time and attention, please do not choose this breed.
My dogs play in agility, love dogfrisbee, herding sheep and achieve a lot of success at the dog shows

Our plans

Puppies in our kennel will appear only occasionally. I want them to be: healthy, active and willing to work, and become a great representatives of their breed. Beautiful, drawing attention with the great appearance combined with intelligence – that’s my ideal collie.

I’m a biologist – therefore my understanding of genetics and responsible reproduction of dogs is extensive.
When choosing a sire for the puppies I take into account not only the pedigree, health and appearance, but also the temperament of both parents from whom the puppies will inherit the best. Puppies will be socialized carefully and house trained, so when they come to their families and new homes they will bring joy and happiness with them.